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Thread: Working the scene

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    Working the scene

    Hi all,
    You know what it's like. Good scene and you try several options, so here's my attempts of composition. First one is before sunset, next two just after (no green flash was seen). I like to try several compositions, sometimes one works better on the larger monitor than through the camera (or on the LCD panel).
    How much effort do you put into different comps for the same location?
    Working the scene

    Working the scene

    Working the scene

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    Re: Working the scene

    For me, Graham, #2 has the best all round balance.

    A little too much sand in the first, although it may work better if those stones were a little closer to the sea.

    I think the last would have been better if the 'channel' lead directly to the orange glow; which you couldn't control.

    And somehow, the sand seems a little 'short'. Almost a case of having well focused foreground, then a strip out of focus followed by sharp sea etc. Also there is a slight distraction on the extreme left edge.

    So how many shots do I normally take? At least 20 per scene for scenes like this, with different angles and settings.

    And how many are keepers . . .

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