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Thread: Major Differences In Reflector Prices?

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    Major Differences In Reflector Prices?

    I'm looking to get a decent size collapsible reflector to bring with me to different locations. Now the thing that is throwing me most is the wide range of prices for a 42" reflector. Obviously quality is always a question, and while the cheaper ones seem to have good reviews, I am more interested to hear the opinions of others here on the site. Saving money wherever I can is always a plus, but I don't want to buy something cheap that will break on me after a few months either. Here is an example of three choices I've found online.

    Impact - $53.45 (Includes Shipping)

    Fotodiox - $21.95 (Free Shipping)

    Neewer - $17.76 (Free Shipping)

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    Re: Major Differences In Reflector Prices?

    I have the cheap one, only the smaller size. The quality is more than ok I guess, it doesn't look as it is going to fall apart soon. The only really bad thing is the golden side. The color and feel is not good and I don't like the tint of its reflected light but I have no experience with other reflectors.

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    Re: Major Differences In Reflector Prices?

    I've always shot with either a complete home built (I use coreplast pieces for white reflectors) or higher end Lastolite units.

    I've shot with cheaper units as well and the only thing that concerned me with those was overall durability. If mine ever get dirty, I don't worry about cleaning them without the coating coming off. I usually have them in a stand, so rigidity is pretty important. I'm not sure how well the cheaper ones would do, especially outdoors. Regardless, is the scheme of things, these are not exactly the most expensive photo accessories out there, so making a mistake is not going to hit too hard if you end up having to replace them in the future.

    I usually use a white reflector and occasionally a silver and black one. I have never used a gold one.

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