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Thread: RRS L Plate for EOS 1 DX

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    RRS L Plate for EOS 1 DX

    It is a pretty pricey item, and I am contemplating buying it, although I read that it is in short supply and on back order.

    Can anyone with practical experience with this item, give their honest opinion if it is worth the money.

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    Re: RRS L Plate for EOS 1 DX

    I use one on by D7000, with the lever clamp, really fast and easy to remove and reattach camera, also marked as to where centre line of len is so it is over centre point of tripod. Again a great item.



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    Re: RRS L Plate for EOS 1 DX

    I use RRS L-plates on all my cameras... Combined with an Arca Compatible QR Clamp, the L-plate is a wonderful way to attach the camera to a tripod or monopod. It is especially great when shooting with lenses which are not equipped with a tripod ring. The L-plate allows you to have the camera in the portrait position with the weight (COG) of the camera directly over the tripod head rather than being cantilevered over to the side as with a normal QR setup. You can work with a lighter head setup when you use a L-plate...

    You can also shoot a pano in the portrait position using the L-plate.

    I have purchased all my L-plates used. However, quite often used L-plates for newer bodies are hard to find on eBay.

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