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Thread: 30 Minutes of Yuck

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    30 Minutes of Yuck

    Hi Folks,
    A friend asked me to take some photographs of an Abby that dates back to 1260 to 1280 (so I was told) for a project that she was putting together. The thought of a night shot entered my head so I shot this at 5 o'clock this morning.
    Camers settings where f/16, ISO100, at 30 Minutes. Auto White Balance gave me a temp of 4200 and tint of +8,
    in hindsight I should have maybe set Kelvin somewhere around 2800, an f stop of 8 or 11 would have been better I think, metering mode was set to spot and the camera, a Canon 50D was at Faitful where I always leave it. Was it the White Balance that caused the saturation in the sky, your thoughts, comments and analysis would be most appreciated, this is the shot straight out of camera.
    Best Wishes, Pat.

    30 Minutes of Yuck

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    Re: 30 Minutes of Yuck

    Hi Pat,
    I like the idea of a night shot it really works well. What is the project about? Is it just the history of the Abbey or does it have a wider theme?
    I would certainly like to see it again, when a few adjustments in PP have been made; particularly some sharpening. This IMO would bring out the detail in the stone-work, which I think would only make a good picture even better.
    Well done and thanks for sharing.

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