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Thread: Darn Sharp Needle-Teeth!

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    Darn Sharp Needle-Teeth!

    Sweetie is a Rescue Maltese that we are fostering. She had two puppies the day after we received her and both mom and the puppies are doing just great. They are seven weeks old now and are growing their needle-like puppy teeth.

    Sweetie is a great mom! She is also very agile and can enter and leave the puppy pen whenever she desires. She will forget about the sharp teeth of the puppies and climb into the pen to nurse them. After a short while, she decides that she has had enough and climbs out to escape those sharp needle teeth!

    Darn Sharp Needle-Teeth!
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    Re: Darn Sharp Needle-Teeth!

    Cute snap, but I can't help thinking she's giving the pups ideas and it won't be long before they are out too

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