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Thread: Are there any FoCal users out there?

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    Are there any FoCal users out there?

    Over in the UK a very clever chap called Richard Meston has created a camera autofocus calibration tool he calls FoCal.

    This, unlike the charts and inclined ramps already on the market, is a software solution and interests me (as a Nikon D800 owner) as it seems it can be setup to test all the autofocus points available for the camera, and show this on a computer screen. With the current horror stories regarding the 'left' autofocus points on the D800 and Nikons 'reluctance' to admit to the problem, I'm keen to test my camera...

    Sadly there is no MAC version (yet) so I can't actually use the software, but I'd be interested to know if anyone on CiC has tested this, and particularly with a D800.

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    Re: Are there any FoCal users out there?

    I guess my age is showing. I thought you were wanting to discuss the old Digital Equipment Corp. programming language.

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