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Thread: Dragonfly (Skimmer ?)

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    Dragonfly (Skimmer ?)

    Canon 30D, Sigma 180 (macro) f3.5 + tube, 1/320 @ f10 Dragonfly (Skimmer ?)

    Not sure about the identification of this Dragonfly and would welcome help in ID.

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    Re: Dragonfly (Skimmer ?)

    Hi Rollin,

    Another one suffering the limited DoF problems you mentioned in another thread.

    It is basically a fairly insurmountable problem with a DSLR, there just isn't enough DoF available at the apertures necessary for the ambient light with constraints on shutter speed and iso noise, with a DSLR sensor.

    All you can do, as you have successfully here, is concentrate the attention on one part (in this case the wings) and get that sharp and let the rest (tip of tail and head) go.


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