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Thread: Need to recover lost digital photos

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    Need to recover lost digital photos

    When I reformatted my hard drive, I lost a lot of information. I backup on two different drives and thought I would be good. I bought a recovery program and got back some files and some photos, but I am missing a whole year of photos. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find them? I am burned out.

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    Re: Lost pics

    I don't quite understand this. If you back up to two drives why can you not recover the data? Can you give more info?

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    Re: Lost pics

    Two things immediately come to mind ...

    1. Don't write to any of the drives that you think may still contain remnants of your images, and ...

    2. Since data recovery is such a specialised topic, I'd suggest seeking "wise council" from a data recovery professional.

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    Re: Lost pics

    I don't know how that happened. I thought I would save everything with two drives, an internal backup and an external backup, both hard drives. They both lost all of my Canon photos. I have restored some of my older Kodak pics. I have decided I will never reformat my CF card, I will keep it and buy a new one, as well as backup. I think it had someting to do with the computer, not the backup drives.

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    Re: Lost pics

    Thank you for you recommendation. I did call them but it had been two weeks and they were time consuming and kinda expensive. I had already bought a program online and it worked well. When found out I could get into the hard drive, I ended up with over 24,000 images, a lot were junk on the computer, and then I ran them through Bridge by date and have recovered a lot images. I only have 12,000 to go. I am processing 500 a shot through Bridge and that is working well.

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