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Thread: An Impressionistic Perspective

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    An Impressionistic Perspective

    Shot this tree at sunset; had some nice side-lighting, and the wind was lightly blowing, which caused the motion blur. I cropped a small portion of the photo, which seems to give it an impressionistic appearance. Just trying something a little different.. : )

    1/8, f/11, ISO: 100, WB: cloudy

    An Impressionistic Perspective

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    Re: An Impressionistic Perspective

    Quote Originally Posted by bisso7 View Post
    Just trying something a little different.. : )
    Which is something we should always be doing and I know I'm not good enough at doing.

    I think the idea behind this is great. I wonder, though, if in this one we have too much of the same thing? In other words, maybe it would be stronger with some shapes and/or tones just to give a point of attention for our eyes to settle upon. For example, if there had been a bit of branch or trunk included that might have grounded it a bit more.

    Just my thoughts

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