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Thread: Photo Processing software

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    Photo Processing software

    This my first thread. Just wanted to know if anyone out there uses Corel Paintshop for photo processing. If so, any tips on using this software. My version is Pro X4 ultimate.

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    Re: Photo Processing software

    Hi and welcome to CIC.

    'Tips' on using a certain software programe is a bit of an open ended question and I wonder if the lack of replies to date indicates this, or, is because there are not many Corel users out there ?

    I purchased Corel as my first photo editing software at around the same time as my first DSLR a few years back. At that time I was learning both the photography and editing elements of this new hobby and found Corel adequate for my limited knowledge at that time. What I did find was that just about every book, magazine and other media that I used to try and advance my knowledge and skill referred to Photoshop or Elements and for this reason I soon converted to PS Elements.

    The only 'Tip' I can advise is to use the tutorials, books and other media available to assist. If there is a specific area that you require help with I'm sure you will get a greater response by giving us more detail in your question.


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    Re: Photo Processing software

    I have been using PSP since version 7AE and my suggestion is to take one of your photos and apply the various tools to it to see what happens.... unfortunately for me my memory is not that wonderful and in the end I use just a few of the tools for most of my photos.
    Getting to grips with adjustment layers is probably the biggest step forward you will make. I use them for almost every correction/adjustment except sharpening which has to be done on the background layer. How painting the AL with different levels of grey enables one to adjust different areas tonally.... i.e. A black steam locomotive against the sky could need different treatment for sky, main area of loco and then the dark wheels.
    For advice be aware of the ... the PSP users group.
    You will find that for every treatment suggested for Elements and Photoshop there is a way to do it in PSP... I bought PS some time back and now do not have it in my machine ... frankly I don't like the way it is organised and have no need of it.
    There is one PS tool which I like 'Levels' but I can work with the PSP version and neither E or PS have a tool like Warp Mesh which is both useful for correction or straight out distortion.... I prefer the way PSP makes adjustments size wise as a percentage ... appeals to my way of thinking
    Altogether PSP is a great programme and I have no inclination to change to Adobe

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