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Thread: Praying Mantis - 1, Grasshopper - 0

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    Praying Mantis - 1, Grasshopper - 0

    As the wife was watering her flowers she noticed that along with the praying mantis, which has been hanging out for several weeks, was a grasshopper about 3 inches away. My wife commented, "Look, I have two new pets." Well, in the few minutes that it took me to go inside and grab the camera I pbviously missed the action. Now my wife has only one new pet!
    Not as sharp as I would have liked it to be but as soon as I started shooting, the praying mantis took its meal deep into the flower pot.
    Maybe next time I will be better prepared.
    C&C welcome,(that is how I learn)

    Praying Mantis - 1, Grasshopper - 0

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    Re: Praying Mantis - 1, Grasshopper - 0

    ewwwww!, very nicely focused. Although a little graphic --LOL. Are you sure this wasn't a prototype pic for the Alien series?

    Just kidding. Lucky timing and I'm jealous!

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