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Thread: Attila the Hum

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    Attila the Hum

    The rufous-tailed hummingbird is so aggressive that it has earned the nickname Attila the Hum. This warrior patrols a hotel garden in the San Carlos region of Costa Rica. I spent a good 90 minutes playing tag with him to get this shot. Lumix ZS5, about 24X.

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    Re: Attila the Hum

    Jack - You will see that I have inserted your image into your post, rather than having it sitting as a small thumbnail attached to the post.

    For directions on how to post your images so that they appear at a larger size embedded into your posts, please read - HELP THREAD: How can I post images here?

    Because it's not the most colourful hummingbird that's out there, separating it from its background is always going to be a challenge. I think you've managed that quite well. You've nailed the focus and it is a nice, sharp image.

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