Some time ago I posted a question about backing up my current ZS5 with a newer ZS15. People correctly advised me that this would not be an upgrade and one astute respondent advised me to "broaden my horizons". I took that advice and, on my last trip to the US, I brought a Lumix FZ150. With my usual dumb luck for wildlife photos, I took a later-published shot of a rare blue-headed green frog (in New Hampshire) while I was still figuring out the controls, shooting pictures of chipmunks and loons to show my Costa Rican friends. The thing just hopped out in front of me.

The FZ150 is a wonderful camera for some of what I do - wildlife, bull fights (in CR the bulls kick human heiney), some festivals, etc. The image quality is everything the reviews said it would be. I took a picture of a tropical bee nest about 60 - 80' up a tree that I had shot with the ZS5. Both pictures are good, but with the FZ150 you can see the individual wings.

The big drawback, as I thought (actually worse), is that it draws a lot of attention. I do a lot of folk festivals where I am trying to gather information for my book, so I try to blend in. In Costa Rica a camera like that draws more attention than you can imagine. I took it on a trial trip and went to a big community festival where the President was speaking. A well known newspaper photographer walked by me, saw that camera and greeted me as, "Hi, colleague!", assuming I was a pro. Shooting the beer tent, a drunk came out insisting on hiring me to shoot a rock concert he was promoting (Yeah right, where do I sign?). The attention also generates a security concern.

The ZS5 will still be my main camera for its stealth, but I am quickly growing to love the FZ150. Thanks again for great advice.