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Thread: Aunt Holly and Sweetie's Puppies...

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    Aunt Holly and Sweetie's Puppies...

    Sweetie is a Maltese rescued by the American Maltese Association whom we are fostering. We gave her that name because despite the horrors she has experienced, she is very sweet! She was found running the city streets and covered with sores from a terrible flea and tick infestation. The American Maltese Association could not find her owner and we suspect that she had been dumped by her previous owners.

    She was also pregnant with two puppies and had these puppies the day after she arrived at our home. Mom and pups are doing great in a warm, safe and loving environment. Sweetie's scabs and sores from the fleas and ticks have healed and her coat is growing back. The puppies are healthy and outgoing. We are happy that they are obviously Maltese.

    Holly, our sixty-pound Goldendoodle just loves the puppies and will spend hours next to their pen playing with them, kissing them and just keeping them company. The pups just love their "Aunt Holly" and will run to the corner of the pen whenever she is there.

    Sweetie now accepts Holly as part of her extended family and will allow her to kiss and play with her pups. At first Sweetie was petrified of big dogs. We suspect that she might have been attacked by a big dog during her time as a stray. However, Holly's calm demeanor and loving disposition won Sweetie over in a very short time and the puppies absolutely love their "Aunt Holly". Whenever the pups cry, it is both their mom, Sweetie, and "Aunt Holly" who come running to them.

    BTW, a Goldendoodle is the product of an intentional breeding between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle (in Holly's case, a Standard Poodle; there are miniature Goldendoodles also). Goldendoodles were originally developed (along with Labradoodles; Labrador Retriever + Poodle) as service dogs for persons who are allergic to dogs. Goldendoodles shed very little or not at all, are quite hypo-allergenic and are extremely smart and easy to train. I have had numerous dogs but, none with all the attributes of my Goldendoodle, Holly.


    Aunt Holly and Sweetie's Puppies...
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    Re: Aunt Holly and Sweetie's Puppies...

    that first pic is really cute....
    only 2 pups? I thought dogs had larger 2 normal for maltese?

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    Re: Aunt Holly and Sweetie's Puppies...

    The first picture IS very cute!
    Fostering dogs - I think that's great!!!!! I'm glad she -and her pups- are being accepted with open "paws"

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