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Thread: Black backed magpie

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    Black backed magpie

    This chap was wandering around near our back door this morning having a feed on the grass. So I shot him.... using a 500mm lens with settings of f/6.3, speed 1/800secs and ISO of 200 for #1 and f/7.1, 1/800sec and ISO 200 for #2
    Thanks for viewing and for any comments you might care to post.

    Black backed magpie

    Black backed magpie

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    Re: Black backed magpie

    Fascinating bird. In both cases the eye is sharp, but the feathers are less so. It is very difficult to get good depth of field with a 500 mm lens (for me anyhow). Perhaps increasing the ISO and decreasing aperture size would have enabled a better depth of field.

    What you did well is to capture both black and white feathers and kept detail in those areas without blowing out the whites or losing it in the blacks.

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