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Thread: Harvestman - similar to a spider

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    Harvestman - similar to a spider

    Thought I would post this separately as it is strictly speaking neither an insect nor a spider and has some interesting features.

    The overall view showing extremely long legs compared with the 5 mm body.

    Harvestman - similar to a spider

    Note that this individual only has 6 legs. This is because it has lost 2 due to wear and tear or a close encounter with a fiercer creature. Harvestment are actually very docile creatures; although they can devour other insects which they find already dead.

    And a close up of the actual body

    Harvestman - similar to a spider

    Leiobunum rotundum female
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    Re: Harvestman - similar to a spider

    Nice.....we were thinking along similar lines to today, I also posted a spider....The Grand-Daddy Long Legs in not? a spider???

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