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Thread: good negative scanner

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    good negative scanner

    Having photographed with film for over 30 years and now into the digital world, I have thousands of 35mm & 120 negs that I'd like to transfer to digital. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced, good quality, user friendly negative scanner?

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    Re: good negative scanner

    Consider using instead of buying your own scanner and spending your own time to make the scans. I used them to scan all of my color slides and can't speak highly enough of their service. I don't remember whether they scan 120 negatives, but they definitely scan 35mm negatives. They run sales from time to time, so I sent about 10 batches to them over a period of time and never paid full price.

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    Re: good negative scanner

    I have found that the negative scanning attachment with my Epson Perfection 3590 produces good results. But somewhat time consuming.

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