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Thread: Pontypool Grain Elevator

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    Pontypool Grain Elevator

    I need to really go later in the day, as the sun was blazing down on the old grain elevator, I has been on the road for six hours coming back home so I did not feel like waiting. This is one of the few remaining grain elevators left in Ontario, located in the small town of Pontypool. Had to bring up the detail in the wood as my eye could make it out, however the camera could not capture the same amount of detail with the strenght of the sun's full blast on it. I think a late fall or winter shot would work best, done late in the day with the light from the setting sun would work well, or maybe ever a light dusting of snow.



    Pontypool Grain Elevator

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    Re: Pontypool Grain Elevator

    I really like the structure and the aged look. Don't know if it would have been possible to get further away from it to get more of the building into it? If not, I understand, I have had the same issue with two buildings I really want to get more of. Farther back with a nice, intense thunderstorm moving in would give this building an almost haunted look. Really nice building!


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