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Thread: what does the touch screen on the EP3 do ?

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    what does the touch screen on the EP3 do ?

    I read that the touchscreen on the EP3 will allow me to decide which part of the framed picture should get focus . I had asked this question in an earlier thread .WHat i understood from the replies i got is that is not so .
    IS that right ?

    Anyone hear any rumours got any news on possible new PEN releases? I hear its likly in AUg - SEPT .....

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    Re: what does the touch screen on the EP3 do ?

    The touch screen can be used to focus and to activate the shutter
    It performs fairly well in the short video especially considering how dark and close it was.
    The touch screen can also be used to swipe through pictures during playback and to zoom in and out, much like a smartphone.

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    Re: what does the touch screen on the EP3 do ?

    True it did really well in low light ,happy to see that , but i thought a few of the pics didnt really focus on the area he pin pointed . Just one or 2. As the fellow didnt upload his photos at the end of the video i cant say for sure .
    Still this is the sort of video i wanted to see . Thanks for passing me the link.

    IF u do have any other helpful link or videos on the EP3 it will be of great assistance .

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    Re: what does the touch screen on the EP3 do ?

    I haven't looked at the video, and it is also very difficult to guess exactly what will be focused whether touch screen is used or any other method for setting the focusing point. As pointed out in #4 in the other thread on getting an Olympus, there might be other objects within the focusing point that are "better" for focusing, so the camera will choose another plane of focus than the one intended. This is particularly true for contrast detection system, but afflicts DSLR cameras too.

    There is no real difference between focusing points chosen by touch on the screen vs other methods of setting the focus point, so focusing will be done correctly if other circumstances also provide a positive focusing object where you set the focusing point. This is something that can be learned by trial and error, just as with the roe deer image in the other thread. If the camera finds better contrast somewhere else within the focusing area, it will use that part of the area for focusing. In some cases, it will not be what you intend to focus upon.

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