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Thread: Sunset Crater, working with lightroom

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    Sunset Crater, working with lightroom

    Hello all,

    This is a photo I took going toward Sunset Crater, Arizona last month. I did a bit of burning on the sky and tweaking the hues on the mountain tops. Let me know what you think.

    Don in TX
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    Re: Sunset Crater, working with lightroom

    A very nice capture, Don; definitely 'beyond snapshot!' I really like the softness in the foreground which gradually sharpens as the eye goes further away; whether done in camera or PP, it really works. I would try one thing, and I think it's more a matter of personal style than anything else; but I would try to soften up the sky and take out some graininess there. With the mountain and the sky both being so sharp, it seems like they're competing with each other. I would like to rest on the mountain but the sky wants my attention as well. Good job.

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