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Thread: Canon 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4

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    Canon 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4

    Okay knowledgeable folk of CIC, would I be correct in thinking that the Canon 550d, Rebel T2i and the Kiss X4 are all actually the same camera with the same features - just made for different regions of the world?

    Is it simply the available language options, power connection and the badge on the body for the camera the only differences?

    I am looking on eBay to try and get a good price but I just want to be 100% sure that they are the same thing.

    I guess I would need a charger adaptor for Australia if I purchased a Rebel T2i or Kiss X4 and chasing up an overseas supplier for any warranty issues could be a problem too which leaves me a bit hesitant. There is quite a price difference though and I am on a budget so I have to weigh up the pro's and con's.

    Is it better to stick with the 550d as opposed to the other model names for any other reasons?

    Any advice would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Canon 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4

    Have you compared these cameras at ? The site has a way by which you could organise the specifications of the three cameras side by side. In actual fact that would not be possible becuase when I went there I discovered they are all the same camera

    Since you are looking for a 'good price' be aware that if the price is 'too good to be true' it is probably not. There are the bait and switch merchants who offer low prices but do not deliver or you find they do not supply the complete kit at that price and want you to pay more to get essential parts that other outfit, the good places, provide as part of the deal.
    I am not sure what safety assurance Ebay provides like Amazon.
    There is a saying I have read that if the offered price is lmore than $100 below what B&H offer [ New York] then don't touch it.

    I wish I could give you the URL of the useful site where stores are listed by their reliability but it is not in my favourite and I hope somebody else will give you this information.

    EDIT .. if you are buiying from overseas you could consider a second hand camera if from a reliable source such as B&H, KEH, Adorama and you can trust their descriptions of the condition will probably be under-statements. But they courier the gear to you and this costs and there is also GST to be added, I don't know if you have a limit underwhich goods are GST free, if you have to pay GST you could find that the Australian agents charge you a fee for paying the GST on your behalf and claiming it off you before they deliver. Charges I have faced were US$100 to courier the camera, GST at 15% here in NZ plus another NZ30-40 the local firms charge.

    2nd EDIT ... you should find that the battery charger is a dual voltage gadget and will handle your 230v 50 cycle power supply and you will just need an adaptor plug such as travellers buy when they go overseas. The American plug is two vertical flat pins as opposed to NZ two flat pins at angle to each other. Dick Smith or Jaycar should be able to supply.
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    Re: Canon 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4

    They are the same. But now that the 650D has hit the streets, then I imagine that the prices of the of the 600D (T3i, Kiss X5) will be dropping fairly sharply. Might be worth checking, and even hanging on a bit if the better spec of the 6600D would be good for you.

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