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Thread: New To The World Of Photography

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    New To The World Of Photography

    Hi All,

    Im very new to the world of photography and im looking for opinions/advice in regards to my pictures i took of our family dog

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    Re: New To The World Of Photography

    Hi Scott,
    Welcome to CiC, this is a great place to learn... lots of great tutorials and knowledgeable folks.... I am pretty new to all this myself.... One of my favorite things to shoot is my two pups.... You have a beautiful pup, I really like its coloring its eyes are stunning... One thing I would like to see is more of the pup, maybe back up just a bit and have room around your pups face... Love the little tongue sticking out in the second one...I'm thinking it's ears were probably pinned back on its head... the 3rd picture would benefit from having the whole nose visible...I really like how it has its head down looking at you kind of side ways. Would love to see a shot of the whole pup, I bet its beautiful:>

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