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Thread: Finally switched to Carbon Fibre - Tripod

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    Finally switched to Carbon Fibre - Tripod

    I was finding that my trusty Manfrotto 055 ProB and 322RC2 ball head was becoming too heavy for my weakening back! Particularly when carried for a few miles across rough ground and strapped to my backpack which also held a 7D and a couple of heavy lenses.

    So I finally took the plunge and purchased the carbon fibre alternative (055 CX Pro3).

    Then added a better hydrostatic head (468MGRC4). One and a half pounds in weight saved. But a few pounds in cash spent!

    That is certainly a heavy duty head, but very easy to use. And absolutely no slippage whatever equipment I add.

    A little bit different when shooting insects though because I can't get quite so much universal tilting to suit those odd angles. Which require quick focusing.

    However, I have found that by leaving the pan control slightly unlocked I am able to still get those angles although it does require a slightly different technique.

    Select the elevation then rotation instead of going for a 'diagonal twist'. But as I am now controlling the adjustment by directly moving my camera instead of the tripod head handle it seems just as easy.

    And the pan option is so smooth and stable that I don't bother to lock it before shooting.

    The only thing extra which is required, is a bit of sunshine to use it.

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    Re: Finally switched to Carbon Fibre - Tripod

    Best of Luck with your new tripod Geoff, you will certainly notice the weight difference on long hikes, it is the same here weather wise,
    Best Wishes Pat.

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    Re: Finally switched to Carbon Fibre - Tripod

    Welcome to the "club". Once you've tried one, you can never go back.

    I had a Manfrotto PROBX, and it seemed to gain weight with each outing.


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