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Thread: Exmouth Sea front

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    Exmouth Sea front

    Exmouth Sea front

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    Re: Exmouth Sea front

    Nice portrayal of the waves crashing on the sea wall. Consider eliminating the foreground barrier and most of the sky. Try increasing the contrast and dynamic range by working with Levels & Curves. The image has lots of potential for increased drama.

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    Re: Exmouth Sea front

    Yes, I agree with Mike.

    If the railing had been sharply in focus I would possibly have retained it, but in this case I would lose it.

    How about trying for a landscape format of around 5 x 4 ratio and losing a bit of sky as previously suggested. Alternatively 4 x 5 or a square crop?

    There are spots in the sky, possibly gulls or spots on the lens, which I would clone out.

    This is potentially such a good shot that I think it is worth a little bit more experimentation with crops etc to get it absolutely perfect.

    The sea is sharp and perfectly exposed with plenty of powerful action.

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