Hi guys and gals,

So i've been trying to work on a pano tonight and it's not working out too well so far. I opend the images in ACR and edited them all together until I was happy and saved them as dng. After that I opend cs4 and tried to stitch the pano there but it looks not good. You can clearly see the joins.

So one question is, do any of you find photoshop cs4 works for stitching or do you use something else?

I've tried Hugin but it seems it will not open and stitch dng files, which brings me to another question.

So workflow.. i'm still learning alot about post processing and what not. At the moment I edit photos in ACR and save them as dng then work on them. When i'm done working on them what is best to save the file as? psd? tiff? My photos are kind of a mess and i'd like to organise them all so I was wondering what's best to save them as when you're done working on them in acr and start the photoshop work. Thanks for your help and hope I wasn't confusing