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Thread: Orphan #1

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    Orphan #1

    Orphan #1

    Cats take advantage of us ! A few weeks ago we found one casually bringing its litter into the house, four already in and making themselves comfortable thank you very much, one hanging from mums jaws and two waiting outside to join the others. We found a large box and deposited mum and kittens back outside under the rhubarb, and nice people that we are we put down food for them. Three days later and four dead kittens, three survived and then a few days later mum disappeared - we assume she died. So now we're stuck hand rearing three kittens that we can't possibly keep and have no idea what to do with. Daily routine (such as it was) now has to work around hand feeding with a bottle (that's kind of cute), toiletting (not so much fun) and other kitteny essentials.
    Not one to miss a photo opportunity here's one of the little beggars sat in the garden licking milk off of her face. If you'd like to adopt one send a stamped addressed .... box ....

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    Re: Orphan #1

    Great story (glad it's yours, not mine). Great image with gorgeous light and atmostphere that goes so well with the subject.

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