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Thread: Canon dioptric adjustment

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    Canon dioptric adjustment

    I am getting rather ancient and find that the dioptric adjustment on my Canon 7d has to be turned fully to max. That is fully to the right. I believe that the range on the fitted standard dioptric adjustment is -3 (left) to fully right at +1. As a replacement adjustment lens is fairly expensive I would like to get the "right" one for me first time. A logical choice, it would seem, would be to get the Canon dioptric adjustment lens +2 Eg.
    Perhaps some knowledgeable person could tell if this is right?
    I would appreciate a reply from someone who dealt with this problem and knows the answer.
    Regards to everyone,

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    Re: Canon dioptric adjustment

    First of all - hello and welcome. I'm sorry people missed your first post. Sometimes messages fly in so quickly that one or two do get missed.

    First thing is - You've maybe seen that most of us tend to use our real names on here. It makes communication more friendly and CiC is that sort of site. Did you know you can go to Edit Profile and enter your proper name under 'Real Name'. Then it will appear underneath your Username in all your posts. You can also enter your location so that it does the same, just as in my details alongside this message. Then we all know where everyone is in the world.

    As to you question - I find that the adjustment on 40D still does what I need, so I have no experience of 'add-ons'. I do believe, however, that you are right in your thinking. But, like you I would welcome someone who has used the product, coming into reassure us (as I'm sure it won't be too long before I'll be joining you in seeking solutions).
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