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Thread: Thinker? Nah...just confused.

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    Thinker? Nah...just confused.

    I am trying something new...putting myself infront of the camera. This is something I detest even more than shooting other people. I have never been happy with any picture with me in it, so I have decided to practice with just me. Well, here it goes, C&C needed and welcomed.
    Thinker? Nah...just confused.

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    Re: Thinker? Nah...just confused.

    Jon, Your camera shy like me.
    It's a good portrait photo, I like the lighting.
    I'm no expert, but the adaptor in the wall socket and I think it is a CD rack bottom right are a distracting element.
    If your like me, space is an issue in the home. I use a fabric backdrop which I hang from a picture hook to create a neutral background.
    Hope this helps.
    Cheers , Greg

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