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Thread: Winter feeding

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    Winter feeding


    This is not the sort of thing I usually take, but I thought someone might like these. The birds are New Holland honey-eaters, I believe.




    The last photo is a one-to-one crop from the previous one.

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    Re: Winter feeding

    Hi Will,

    Nice series, although you were struggling with really contrasty sunlight there, but I can see detail in their undersides, so you've done well.

    If I have a piece of advice about this series, it would relate to my assumption that most are just re-sized original compositions, rather than considered PP crops (I hope I'm right there, or you may be offended - not my intention, I hasten to add).

    If mine; I think I would have taken each on its own merit, considered the picture content and cropped accordingly, not necessarily sticking to the same aspect ratio for each either.

    Also, on the final one, since a 1:1 crop at 1000 pixel width was a bit tight, I would have grown that some to be say, 1100 in width, so I retained the 1:1, but didn't compromise on the artistic side by lopping off the tail or having the head so close to the edge of frame. The close up certainly does show you had excellent focus!

    Bear in mind these are merely my opinions, not 'right' against 'wrong', because there's no such thing, some people like the uniformity of size and aspect ratio, especially when viewed as attachments rather than inline as I have made them (I hope you don't mind).

    Anyway, I hope that helps,

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    Re: Winter feeding

    Hello Dave,

    Of course I don't mind! You're right of course about the close-up, it's definitely too tight. It was partly just an exercise in looking at the degree of detail. The others are indeed just resized originals, apart from a little bit of distracting foliage cropped off the third one. Personally, I like the first one as it is, but I agree that the others could do with some cropping.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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