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Thread: New ipad. Now What?

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    New ipad. Now What?

    I just purchased the new ipad and would like some feedback from others here on what additional software and hardware they use for viewing and working with their photos on the ipad.

    I am aware that Apple has a camera kit. I was wondering how it works in terms of getting pictures from a Canon 7d? Or, is there something else I should consider?

    What apps do you use for viewing and working with your photos on ipad? My go to software on my computer is LR3 currently, but I also have Photoshop Elements 9. Is the Photoshop app one to consider?

    I look forward to hearing your comments.

    Thank you in advance.

    Dr Bob

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    Re: New ipad. Now What?

    Adobe Photoshop Touch - - brilliant app with layers, levels, curves and many more features from CS.

    Snapseed - - Love, love, love this app. Control Points are amazing, interface is the best touch one out there by a million miles and some of the effects are cool.

    Pro Camera - - good camera app with separate AF and AE points, turn off preview and you can shoot as fast as you can tap.

    Photobucket - - handy for getting a URL for posting images to a forum.

    iPhoto is canny to with some fun features, WiFi Photo is clever as it produces a URL that you can point your browser at and access the camera roll. Autostitch does a good job of creating panoramic shots, Camera+ has some nice editing tools and good borders. Other than that, make sure you have the ebay app for the iPad as its been updated recently, have a look at Paper if you like to jot down notes and sketch and if you want to see your screen at its best buy Machinarium - the most beautiful game I have ever played on a tablet.

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