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Thread: Lazing on a Sunday afternoon with 'Lilly'

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    Lazing on a Sunday afternoon with 'Lilly'

    This picture was inspired by a great photographer on this site; Sharon (Daisy Mae).
    This picture is not in her league; but I love her work.
    I'm not into flowers normally, but my wife bought some Lilies over the weekend and I thought, why not give it a go.
    Sharon thanks for inspiring me to give this a try. As you might have guessed, this is way out of my comfort zone, but I’ve tried to push the boundaries to see what I could achieve.

    Lazing on a Sunday afternoon with 'Lilly'
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    Re: Lazing on a Sunday afternoon with 'Lilly'

    I like it John! After getting additional feedback from others, I'd be interested in hearing how you created the patterning. Thanks for posting!

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