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Thread: Filter ?

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    Filter ?

    Found a near-purfect Quantaray 49mm 1-A filter! Now what's it for?

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    Re: Filter ?

    It's your standard UV filter that many people put on to protect the front lens element. These were fairly important in film photography to cut down haze in beach and snow scenes, but DSLRs have fairly good UV and IR filters built in as part of the AA filter in front of the sensor.

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    Re: Filter ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Robin View Post
    Found a near-purfect Quantaray 49mm 1-A filter! Now what's it for?
    "1A" is the FILTER designation for a SKYLIGHT Filter.

    A Skylight Filter is slightly warmer than a UV filter, but for most common shooting situations the difference is academic.

    A Skylight Filter, like a UV Filter, does not have many practical purposes for IMAGE CORRECTION when used on a DSLR: except maybe if the camera is used at an high altitude - and then a stronger UV Filter (designated usually by Altitude) should be employed for any reasonable effect to attenuate the stringer UV rays at the higher altitudes.

    Specifically the Brand is not a sought after, high quality Filter - so apropos uses perhaps it is best not to use it.


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