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Thread: Weaving Woman

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    Weaving Woman

    Hi all! I shot this on my trip in Peru. This was in the Sacred Valley near Cusco and I tipped this woman to take the photograph. Comments are very welcome.

    Weaving Woman

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    Re: Weaving Woman

    I love travel images showing people in their environment. This image nidely portrays the woman in her day to day life.

    However, the overexposed and busy background is quite distracting to me. I might have tried a higher angle to eliminate some of the background. The convergence of the playground slide and portion of the womans loom is also confusing to me.

    Additionally, I seldom ever travel without a hotshoe flash on my camera. Fill flash would balance the exposure somewhat and would could concentrate attention on the face.

    OTOH: Cropping out a lot of the background and cloning out the distracting figures could possibly improve the image.

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    Re: Weaving Woman

    Thank you very much for your comments. I myself don't mind the background that much but your comment about the slide is very true. I didn't notice that yet. Also fill flash is a great idea. I have yet to buy a flash but am definitly planning to.
    Thanks again.

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