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Thread: Enterprise

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    Before I get any further, may I first recommend this thread for some really nice shots of the Space Shuttle Enterprise?

    I was sitting in the vessel office in New York harbor that same day when I heard a commotion. Helicopters (news, Coast Guard) and all kinds of reverie! I blew out on deck just in time to see this passing by. I had just enough time to rush in and grab my trusty little point & shoot pocket popper and fire off a couple of snappers! Not as nice as Aaron's shots of this shuttle.

    Nothing special in post, just a bit of a crop and some curves. I really didn't (don't) have time right now to mess with it.

    But since I have a minute at the moment and an internet connection, I thought I'd just put it up.

    Kind of patriotic what with Lady Liberty, the Enterprise, and flags waving! I guess about as American as peanut butter and jelly and Mom's apple pie!

    God Bless Us All.

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    Re: Enterprise

    Very nice image! Once you get a chance to do the proper amount of post-processing that such a nice image deserves, I hope you'll conssder bringing out a little more contrast in the sky.

    Do you have a composition showing Lady Liberty more centered between the barge and the tugboat?

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