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Thread: Horse rider

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    Horse rider

    This pic was taken with Nikon D60 handheld with Sigma 18-200 zoom lens .Settings ISO 400,F/8,1/250sec aperture priority mode.I find this lens a bit softer regarding focusing.Is there any way to improve sharpness with this lens?Suggestions and advices are welcome.Horse rider

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    Re: Horse rider

    This image looks accepably sharp to me. A wide focal range zoom lens like your 18-200mm will not usually provide the tack-sharp imagery of a lens with a shorter focal range such as 17-50mm. However, the convenience of a one-lens-does-all can make up for the slightly less than critical sharpness.

    If you have not already done so, post-processing sharpening can improve virtually any digital image. There is a good tutorial on sharpening available above.

    As I look at your image, it appears to be a bit tightly cropped. The feet and rear of the horse are cropped out somewhat awkwardly and I would have liked a bit of space in front of the person leading the horse. It seems like he is walking out of the frame.

    However, the smile of the beautiful little girl makes this a picture I am sure you will treasure forever and one which will bring back many happy memories.

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    Re: Horse rider

    I found this to be an interesting composition, however I would have cropped it a bit
    tighter to remove the distractions at the rear of the horse. I believe the focus/sharpness
    is sufficient for this general type of image.

    As Richard said, the smiles on the faces the kids is all that was needed..

    Here's the crop I was thinking of: (thumbnail)



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