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Thread: Timelapse

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    Hey all, just wondering if anyone can give me tips and advice on time lapse photography.

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    Re: Timelapse

    What are the sort of questions that you have, Allen? That might help folks give you the sort of advice that you're after.

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    Re: Timelapse

    Hi Allen,

    It will also help us to know what you have in mind, for example;

    Subject indoors, typically with controlled lighting?
    Subject outdoors; day only, night only, day and night? sun/moon in shot, or not?

    Number of shots and period covered; span of minutes with seconds between shots? or span of hours/days/seasons? (probably with larger intervals)

    Camera you intend to use?
    Power for it?
    Memory capacity required?
    jpg or RAW, PP required?

    Making a mega-tryptic, or a movie?

    That alone may help you, but answers will help us help you better.


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