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Thread: Keeping my head in the clouds

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    Keeping my head in the clouds

    I have seen some pretty cool cloud formations in the last week figured I would share two.

    First up is my attempt with HDR, settings +/- .66

    Keeping my head in the clouds

    Second is a layers blend of BW and masks

    Keeping my head in the clouds

    My hope in this endeavor was to catch the depth of the clouds.

    Thanks for looking

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    Re: Keeping my head in the clouds

    Hey, Ryo

    Clouds are one of my favorite subjects, and I enjoyed these. B&W really broadens the tonal range and contrast potential, and I especiallly like your second image (not sure the border adds anything, though) It has not occurred to me to use HDR for these; I would have assumed the motion would have created ghosting artifact, but you seem to have avoided that. I presume you preset your bracketing to allow you to shoot in very quick succession? Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: Keeping my head in the clouds

    Kevin, I did use a my preset to shoot a full burst. For my camera I will have to adjust for a blown out highlights, as I set the exposure for highlights, but once I blended the shots the image came out very very dark. I am happy you liked them.


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