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Thread: A leap of Faith

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    A leap of Faith

    Hi all,
    I took this picture a while ago, keep meaning to 'bin' it, but I sort of like the idea behind it; even though I know it's not a great picture, I sort of like it.

    I missed a lot of possible great shots, due to me not having a grasp of my camera controls. That was the lesson I learn't that day, "know your camera" or miss the shot. I can confirm, I now know my camera and can almost set it up in the dark. If only I could get the set up correct. lol

    C&C always welcome.

    A leap of Faith

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    Re: A leap of Faith

    It's not one that I'd bin. It's sheer charm is enough to make it one worth having at the back of the folder. Okay, it's not goign to with the Sony World Photography Awards, but not every image has to. A much longer lens and closer in to the action would, of course, have potentially made it an absolute winner. But that, so far as I'm concerned, is its only problem. It's wonderful timing on your part.

    I'd like to see how it felt with a crop that took out that foliage at the bottom left

    For some, just the loveliness of what's happening in the image is enough to make them worth holding onto.

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