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Thread: Which Way?

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    Which Way? Charlotte?

    This time I really screwed up in shooting this image, not having checked my settings before taking the picture.

    I was trying for a child's eye view of the scene at hand.

    So, <sigh> that I'm back home, I've tried to make the best of what I have in post processing. On the surface, it 'almost' looks acceptable, maybe?

    Which Way?

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    Re: Which Way?

    Frank - I was wondering about the composition. We have a lot on each side of the signpost that I'm not sure is necessary. It struck me that a 4:5 portrait that was wide enough to catch a reasonable amount of both those walls at the sides, but which took us in much closer to the signpost, might work?

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    Re: Which Way?

    I agree with Donald. A tigher crop while maintaining the cross road would work better I think.

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