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Thread: Living cross

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    Living cross

    This photo came about after one of the local church elders
    Asked if I would contribute some photos to next years church calendar.
    And the recent passing of my father had me thinking if there was any thing after life
    I set myself the goal of producing a photograph that is symbolic of the Christian belief
    In the resurrection.
    There is a story behind the living cross; some young men hired Rory’s Shed a local
    Bunkhouse and hall to hold a stag night the cross was built from a felled willow tree
    From which all the branches had been stripped this was used to tie the groom to be to in a mock crucifixion
    As you can see the willow has taken root and started to grow.
    With the living cross symbolic of the resurrection and the lambs of Jesus: the Lamb of God.
    Living cross

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    Re: Living cross

    cant say i buy into all this god stuff, but it's a very nice picture and story, some lovely symbolism

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    Re: Living cross

    can't say I buy into it either but it is for the church.


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    Re: Living cross

    Your both going to go to HELL...without a camera..hehe

    John where is itt hat you are from? Somewhere in the UK?

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