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Thread: Looking to the jump

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    Looking to the jump

    Hooray! It's horse show season again. After months of hockey in cold rinks, it was so nice to get outside yesterday. The weather was overcast but not too cool; perfect for a show. Clouds of dust churned up by the hooves made for some foggy shots, though. For some reason, I'm battling my greenish cast gremlins again. Not so evident in this photo, but more so in some others that have trees in the background. I shot in jpeg to save time; don't think it was really that time saving, as I still ended up tweaking quite a few.

    Looking to the jump
    947Z0431 copy by M.J. Hencher, on Flickr

    Colin and others who helped me with my inner debate about camera and lens update, this is the update: This was shot with a Canon 1D MarkIII .I went in to price a 7D body and mentioned that I was debating between the two cameras. Well, it turned out that they had unearthed the 1D and were marking it down to move it. At $400 more than the 7D, I couldn't let it pass. Well, my 85mm can only do so much, so this photo was taken with a 70-200 f/2.8 non IS lens. I also found a used 24-70 f/2.8. Kind of scary, as all the problems with photos will now definitely be user error...Here we go up another learning curve

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    Re: Looking to the jump

    Nice capture Myra. Good sharpness and exposure. A little tight infront of the horse but well caught. I look forward to watching your season as it gets underway.

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