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Thread: Potato Barn (5-27-12)

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    Potato Barn (5-27-12)

    I would like C&C on this photo. Thanks, Bruce
    Potato Barn (5-27-12)

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    Re: Potato Barn (5-27-12)

    I like the view with two sides showing, it give some depth to the building. However a slightly higher angle so the sign above the porch is not cut off and moving to the right to give more dominance to the wall with the signage would be better.

    The shadow under the roof is too dark as it cuts off the top of the name, the only way around this would be to shoot when the sun is lower and may be a problem in summer. Some repair could be done in post processing.

    The lines of the roof, porch, road and siding all lead the viewer to the corner and left side of the building. Unfortunately there are few interesting elements there. The interesting elements are the name signs above the porch and on the right wall, the Coca Coal sign, the weathered porch and the weathered foundation. The remainder of the building is in such good repair that it becomes bland. (Maybe talk to the owner and tell him or her that in the interest of photography perhaps a little less maintenance would be preferable). But you have to work with what you have. You have to somehow get one, or maybe two, of these elements to dominate the image. You may find that the colour of the signs and building could also be a design element.

    A couple of different shoots come to mind.
    1) Straight on and tight to the Coca Cola sign and Name on the right wall with the colours of the signage and wood siding dominating and perhaps the weathered foundation as an additional element.
    2) From the left side with the sagging porch and sign above the porch dominating. This one may be better from a slightly oblique angle as you need the character of the porch. But again, tight in so you avoid too many other elements.

    Some aspect of the building attracted you enough to take this image. What was it? You need to take the viewer by the hand, lead them over to it and point it out. In many cases the building isn't the message but some aspect of it is. And it might be small. Maybe it was the junction of the porch, the foundation and siding. Whatever it is, have it dominate the final image

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