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Thread: On-the-fly landscape

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    On-the-fly landscape

    On-the-fly landscape


    d90 with a 50mm 1.8D

    I didn't have a tripod, but I can do some long shutter hand holding if I need to

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    Re: On-the-fly landscape

    Hi Blake,

    If I am honest, I find the sun too bright and the large half hexagon flare giving a red top to the tree to much of a distraction over the bits I want to see.

    It may not be what you were shooting, but I'd rather see past the foreground trees and into the distant valley and hillsides.

    Do you have any shots a 1/4 of a frame offset to the right?
    and/or with a shorter exposure time? (say 1/60s)

    The rays are nice, I think they may be better defined in a shot with less exposure.
    Some massaging of Levels and the application of Local Contrast Enhancement may help them, but they may need separate treatment from the rest of the image.

    Hope that helps,

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