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Thread: How soon we forget . . .

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    How soon we forget . . .

    . . especially at my age :-(

    In the excitement of having received the latest toy (Sigma SD10) I rushed to the watch photography bench to get pics of the latest military watch resurrection - including this fine side shot to impress the watch forum guys:

    How soon we forget . . .

    Just slightly lacking in depth of field, in spite of this excellent CiC article and certainly in spite of my own advice to fellow watch photogs on a UK watch forum. Yep, it was hastily shot in LO res, close up, at f/5.6, duh!

    A dose of f/16 plus HI resolution at twice the distance improved matters considerably:

    How soon we forget . . .

    Table-top DOF - gotta love it

    Best regards,Ted
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    Re: How soon we forget . . .

    I once spent an entire evening shooting a landscape. It seemed slightly odd at the time that my shutter speeds were so much higher than normal. Got back and discovered I'd shot the whole evening at F2.8

    (Rates right up there with the time I was having trouble focusing an industrial scene in the dark on night ... until I removed the lens cap ...)

    I know that for me, it was part of a process of not just looking at the camera settings, but learning to "think about them" as well.

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