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Thread: Problem with Skylight filter

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    Problem with Skylight filter

    Hi everyone.

    In the set of 2 photos below you're gonna see there's a clear difference between them.
    But both photos were taken with the exact same settings (Nikon D90, AF-Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D, M mode f/1.4 1/250s, manual focus, ISO 400, 3570K, same place, same illumination)

    The one difference: a Tiffen Skylight 1A filter.

    But the problem is not just about this set of photos. The lens, which I have had for a couple of months now, doesn't work quite alright with the filter. The colors are soft wide open, the focus wanders a lot and it's very difficult to get sharp images. I was about to put the glass on sale (since I never saw it working properly cause I put the filter as soon as I took the lens from the box), but now I realize the problem was the skylight.

    Any explanation? Any solution? (I mean, I need a solution since I'm not gonna use that lens, nor any other, with no protection attached). Thank you all.

    Problem with Skylight filter

    Problem with Skylight filter

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    Re: Problem with Skylight filter

    EEEEEK! - Talk about loss of contrast!

    The thing that springs to mind first is "try another filter"; personally, I use only Heliopan SH-PMC UV filters for protection, but others here will no doubt chip in with their own recommendations.

    At a minimum - no matter what brand you may settle on - my suggestion is "make sure it's multi-coated".

    Hope this helps

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