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Thread: Refinery

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    Re: Refinery


    While your exposure and focus look great on this, there are a couple items that really stick for me and make this image a little hard to process mentally.

    First, your horizon is not level. Right off the bat, when you've got water in the frame like that, you need to have the horizon perfectly level.

    Second, you've got two main subjects here - the refinery and the boat. While many people will tell you that that in itself is a problem, I'm generally ok with it. However, in this case, they blend together and the lack of separation makes the boat almost an extension of the refinery. Ideally, you would have had some blue water separating the two to give them their distinct, identifiable shapes.

    Third, your horizon (or technically your shoreline in this case) is right on the center line. Sometimes you can get away with this, but in this case, it gives a very distinct feeling that it is two separate images that are being forced together.

    One possible fix would be a square crop just showing the refinery (cut out the boat) and maybe about the bottom third of the frame with water. And a slight rotation to level the horizon...

    There's definitely a nice image here - you just need to draw it out by eliminating some of those minor issues.

    Keep them coming!

    - Bill

    PS: Welcome to CiC!

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    Re: Refinery

    hey bill,

    thank you for the advice and comment..


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