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Thread: On-line training

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    Free On-line training

    I'd like to pass on some information regarding an on-line training site that I have personally benefited from. I will say up front that I am in no way associated with the site and only pass this on because of how much I like it.

    Creative Live is a site that records tutorials from some of the top instructors of photographic subjects. They make their money from sponsorships and selling the courses after they have been recorded. The big benefit from Creative Live is that while they are recording they put the live session on the internet for free. You get to watch, learn and ask questions at no cost what-so-ever. You just drop in and watch. If you're up to it, they usually have half a dozen people on-site that you can enter to join. Hundreds of people from around the world sit in on these taping's and the free reruns the evening of the live session. If you like the session and want to have it for your reference at a later time then you buy the course. All are at a reduced price during the course so you can watch it and evaluate it for your needs and save some money if buy right away. Most are in the $79 to $149 range so they are not outrageous.

    From being on CiC a few times a day I think two of the upcoming courses may be of interest to many. A CS6 Intensive running May 22-24 by Lesa Snider who wrote "the missing manual" and another session by Jared Platt doing Lightroom 4 June 14-16. I don't do any PP so I'm not interested in them but will be sitting in on Speedlights 101 from Mark Wallace in a week or so.

    I you are interested, drop in and watch a taping for a bit and you won't be disappointed. You may be surprised and get hooked like I am. I try to watch all of them and I learn a bit from every one.
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    Re: Free On-line training

    Thanks so much for the info.

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