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Thread: Portfolio questions

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    Portfolio questions

    Hey all,

    So I want to put a portfolio together but I am not sure of how to go about doing it. I want to do it in a website format. How many photos should a portfolio consist of? should they be all of a similar style? or can I feature a few differnt styles? I feel that I have a strong section of abstract photos but I also feel that may not be the best way to market myself. Although on the other hand I think it is who I am as a photographer. The point of this website, through networking, to get someone to want to hire me to do x job. In an ideal world.

    Portfolio questions
    _DSC0457 by rhoads238, on Flickr

    Portfolio questions
    _DSC9906 by rhoads238, on Flickr

    those are two of my favorites.

    Cc welcome on those.


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    Re: Portfolio questions

    The one thing I'd say about a portfolio, Jason, is - Don't bore people to death with dozens and dozens of images. Be very selective. That means being ultra-crtitical about your own work and really only putting in the work that you believe is going to get people looking twice. Ask yourself - How many images of someone's work would you want to see to know if they were worth talking with? 10? 20? 50? Not hundreds.

    I would certainly be aiming to have it themed, if even only in the order in which the images are presented.

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    Re: Portfolio questions

    Your portfolio should contain what you want or need to show.
    If you are in the wedding business it should only include wedding photos. On the other hand, if it is just a general portfolio then the best in each genre that you enjoy.
    As Donald said, only include your best images.
    Further to that cull regularly. If you add new images look at the old ones and see if they maybe they no longer reflect your best work.

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    Re: Portfolio questions

    I agree with Dan ...

    You should have your best, but also not so many people will get bored ... I have seen web sites that have TONS on photos of the same thing ...
    You want to show off your work, but where they will WANT to see more ...

    And organize them ... if you have a general portfolio (such as i do) ... you put For example ... all bridals together ... all scenic together ...
    Depending on how many "subjects" you have should determine how many samples you put in ... If you have 6 subjects --- put in 3-4 pics ... If you have 3 subjects --- put in 5-6 pics.

    and soon enough all those samples you have will turn into an awesome portfolio

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    Re: Portfolio questions

    I may anger some photographers with the following statements.

    A portfolio, as does a resume, needs to be aimed at a target. If the aim is, "I want to show myself as a great abstract photographer..." then, of course, include those abstract images.

    However if your thing is abstract images, don't expect a portfolio samples of this type of image to get you a gig as a wedding, commercial or (you name the venue) photographer.

    Unfortunately, there are loads of photographers who work as waiters in coffee shops because the images they consistantly produce are of virtually no value except to hang on the walls of coffee shops to be viewed by other unemployed photographer/waiters.

    That is a brutally frank statement however, unfortunately it is true. Go to the library and review the photographs contained in a large variety of magazines, both advertising and editorial images. I will bet that the only magazines in which you will find a redominence of artsy-craftsy, abstract images are photo magazines designed to be read by other photographers.

    I guess what I mean by the above rant is to decide what you want to do in photography and why you want a website. Once you decide what you want, direct your efforts to filling your online portfolio with the absolute best images that you can produce. Aim these images towards what you want to do in photography. However, if your photography is not going to be your occupation but, rather an avocation, scrap everything that I said above. Shoot what you want and display what you want and have a ball with your imagery.

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    Re: Portfolio questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhoads238 View Post
    The point of this website, through networking, to get someone to want to hire me to do x job. In an ideal world.
    Professional networking will land you more confirmed jobs, than a website.

    IF the website if to be ONE of the references used when professionally networking and IF you want to sell Abstract Photographic Works of Art - then set up a specific website for the Abstract Works.

    In what other photographic genre do you work and do wish to market?


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