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Thread: Safari vs. other web browsers

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    Safari vs. other web browsers

    Hello All,

    I have recently downloaded and installed Safari 4.0 on my laptop. One immediate thing that I have observed with Safari is that it renders the colors better than any other web browser that I have ever come across before. I primarily shoot RAW and use the aRGB color space. And by far, the best rendition I have seen is in Safari. Anyone here experienced the same euphoric feeling when you see the true colors show up in your pictures on the web?? I am scouting around to see what Apple has done different in Safari 4.0 that brings out the subtle shades even better. I hope its not my eyes playing a trick on me

    If anyone knows of any links that talks about this I will greatly appreciate it if you can share the same with me.



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    Re: Safari vs. other web browsers

    We discussed this "ad nausium" a few weeks ago.

    In summary, most monitors are pretty much limited to an sRGB gamut (ie that's all they're physically capable of displaying). Using a colour-managed browser will - essentially - simply convert an Adobe RGB image to an sRGB one for display.

    So the bottom line is an Adobe RGB image will look brighter and won't look washed out, but you won't see any additional colours.

    On the flip side, the vast majority of people aren't using colour managed browsers - so if your putting your images online in the Adobe RGB colourspace then the vast majority will see them as being under-saturated and somewhat flat.

    Until Adobe RGB becomes a web standard - and monitors with Adobe RGB gamuts become common place - your better of saving images for the web in sRGB.

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