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Thread: Old Ram

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    Old Ram

    Came across this old guy today,any comments would be most helpful....Old Ram

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    Re: Old Ram

    A black and white face is bound to cause exposure problems, Bernard. The best you can do is try to expose for the white area and get that just below over exposure.

    Then adjust the rest during editing.

    In this case I think I would have added a little extra brightness. But I would have used an adjustment layer so any potential over exposure on the white could be masked out. More of a problem if you don't have suitable software for masking. But I think it could still take a little extra as it is.

    And unless you are going to show the entire animal, I would have cropped closer to the head. Maybe a square crop or (probably too late now) shown his feet and cropped 4 x 5 ratio.

    But I think there is a lot potential here, so I would definitely spend a little more time getting the processing exact.

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